Which Bag How Combine?

Which Bag How Combine?

Which Bag How Combine?

This spring your strongest accessory will be your bag. You can add style to your style by carrying the collaboration of different patterns and colors on you.

How Use?
Patterned bags be fashionable with self-colored overcoats. But important is size of the bag. Choose hand-carried, medium size, handle, chain or clutch models. Backpacks are also alternative. But stay away oversize models -so big model- because the eye can be tiring.

Come Back Pastel Colors
Don’t keep your mind neon or bright colors when say color. This spring pastel green, blue and pink quite popular. But important point: Your bag, not same color your clothes, be opposite colors.

Simple or Exaggerated?
In the week of fashion, bloggers and style icons who want to stand out in style prefer to enrich patterned bags with different accessories. From the tassel or ponpon favorite attachments. But if you like simplicity, you can catch a trendy, smooth, self-colored, plain trend without any effort.

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