Featured bag models in the this fall

Featured bag models in the this fall - String Bags,Backpacks,Box Bags,Big Pochette Bags

Featured bag models in the this fall - String Bags,Backpacks,Box Bags,Big Pochette Bags

Here are all the details you need to have the most trendy bag models of the season…

The bags that are at the forefront of women's indispensable accessories are among the biggest desire objects with their changing patterns and colors every season. During this autumn-winter season, the designers created many different bag designs with their original models. You can have the trendiest models of the season among so many different models according to your need and taste.

1.String Bags

In the fall we will often see hand-held and hand-held bag models. These bags are like pochette and are hand-carrying. These bags have patterned leather, embroidered, baroqued fabric, sequined and metallic material etc very diverse and you can catch cool and bohemian elegance with these bags. Especially in the evening invitations and weekend trips you can give these models a chance.

2. Backpacks

The backpacks, which are very popular in the past, seem to will maintain the same popularity this year. In backpacks, animal figures and furs as well as metallic shades and processing are among the new trends. Another difference this year in backpacks is that we carry bags by hand, not on the back. Now you can get a cool image by carrying your backpacks on hand.

3.Box Bags

One of the biggest innovations that famous designers have made on the podium this year is to use box bags. The box-shaped bags, brand logo baroque embroidery and embroidery decorative figures seems to have already taken its place in fashion world. The box bags are among the bag models handheld with chain or wooden handle models. Box-shaped bags are ideal for a classic look.

4.Big Pochette Bags

In the past seasons, the size of the bag was shrinking, but it is growing again this year. If you look at the models displayed on the podiums of luxury brands, handbags in the form of large bags of bags in this season will be one of the most hit models. We already meet these bags in Hollywood with many celebrities. Such pochette bags are also candidates for the fame already with their personalized forms.

5 Bag Models To Provide You Stylish

With these bag models you will have a stylish style and you will collect all the interest. Here are 5 stylish bag models. The bags, which are the most important complement of the daily combos, styling adds your style and helps you carry your personal items with basic functions. You can reflect your personal style with stylish bags, you can get the integrity with your clothes. İt is important that you choose the bags made of various materials such as leather, fabric, canvas, suede, straw and cloth according to your clothes and the place you will go. If you want to create a timeless elegance with your daily clothes, you can use classic bags. 


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